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Strategic Wellness Investing
Dr. Lori 

A personalized approach to create your authentic
Lifestyle Wellness Strategic Plan (with my 1-on-1 guidance and advising every step of the way) that will take your wellness to a level you could never have imagined. 
As a Wellness Investment Strategist, Author, and Thought Leader who's been where you are and who has helped other entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders get unstuck with their wellness and change their wellness destiny by potentially preventing and reversing chronic diseases of lifestyle...
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There's one truth I can virtually guarantee:


The reason you've been stuck in your cycle of wellness failure? It's not because of a lack of time, desire, or your genetics. (No matter how much it might feel like it!)

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The real reason is one most heath and wellness coaches and wellness professionals haven't told you...Because frankly, they don't have the experience or ability to help you with it. They are stuck in the traditional, tactical, short-term coaching practices that focus on external outcomes.

This is why you may be struggling because you continue to approach your health and wellness with the SAME mindset that got you there. This creates what I call wellness cognitive dissonance.

I had been experiencing this for over thirty years. When I hit rock bottom about five years ago, I decided to get out of my funk and figure out how to crack the code to achieving the incredible wellness that was possible for me. 

I wrote the book on optimizing your health and wellness (literally) using strategic wellness investing. I've created the ONLY framework of its kind for you to treat your health as an important wealth

I've implemented my strategic wellness investment framework personally and can say that I have achieved million-dollar wellness.

I'm here to help you get unstuck and no longer be at the mercy of your genetics. Treat your health as an important wealth.
Research suggests that most executives and leaders never achieve the health and wellness they desire.
And even if they do, it may not be sustainable. They may spend their lives making excuses and accepting that this is their destiny.

But you can decide to change that for good.

That change will never happen until you realize that what you are believing and how you are thinking now will never get you to the lifestyle of wellness you desire. It will continue to foster wellness cognitive dissonance--that constant struggle in your brain that wears you down every day.
Working with me, you get to:
  • Stop making excuses for not taking care of yourself
  • Eliminate your wellness cognitive dissonance by level setting your wellness expectations with your actions
  • Choose your risk-acceptance level for chronic diseases of lifestyle using my proprietary model
  • Know exactly how your actions and inactions impact your long-term wellness
  • Extinguish your faulty, short-term thinking perpetuated by the media and the fitness industry
  • Stop making three key mistakes that prevent you from achieving the health and wellness you desire
  • Start treating your health as important as your wealth using my Wellness Investing framework, the only one of it's kind.
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A good executive & leadership wellness coach might be able to help you put together a tactical wellness plan to implement...But only a Strategic Wellness Advisor can break the cycle and create the MINDSET shift that must happen FIRST.
And that's what I do for my clients. They learn how to genuinely believe their way to the health and wellness they desire, which may sound a bit strange. As I said before, "to achieve the health and wellness you desire, you must first forget everything you think you know about your health and wellness."

As long as you are willing to be coachable, do the work, and do what you need to do to work through your limitations to get to the level you desire...
Here is what I promise. I will
  • Help you develop an energized and renewed perspective of your health and wellness
  • Get you unstuck and focused on developing a possiblities mindset that easily overcomes the limitations that were holding you back
  • Not allow you to ruminate on or verbalize old thinking that no longer serves you
  • Tell you the truth and not sugar coat beliefs, thinking, feelings, and actions that are holding you back
  • Push you past your comfort zone, so that you believe and become your best self
  • Hold you accountable to do the work and create an authentic Lifestyle Wellness Strategic Plan
  • Provide support, feedback, and resources at every step
You've Never Experienced Coaching the Dr. Lori Way...And You'll Be Amazed at How Much and How Quickly Your Wellness Destiny (and Life) Can Change
I cap my ACTIVATE & AUTHENTIC Wellness Investing Experiences at a small number of executives and leaders who have a strong desire to become savvy wellness investors. This is so I can be your wellness partner. I'm a true partner for you at every step. 

Not only am I your partner, I am like you will be: I live my Lifestyle Wellness Strategic Plan every day. I have been for over five years. Together we will craft your authentic wellness future.

Working with me, you get to become the CEO of your wellness and invest and live your best self like you mean it. 

I'm like your business strategist and advisor for your wellness to help you choose the wellness investments, disease-risk level, and tactics that will lead to the health and wellness you envision. 

Using my proprietary Wellness Investing Framework, you get to SEE how your ongoing investments contribute to optimizing your health and wellness ROI. This allows you to continually balance your investments so you begin to treat your health as important as your wealth!

If you are tired of the same old thinking, same old results, and same old wellness, I'm here to support you. Let's get started with one of my investment options. 

– OPTION #1 –

Jumpstart your wellness mindset shift. We work together for 12 weeks to create your authentic Lifestyle Wellness Strategic Plan. Your plan will be ready to implement.


My team and I will help you identify support resources for you to initiate your plan on your own to ensure you have what you need to optimize your long-term wellness investments. If you decide you want ongoing support, I've got you.

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– OPTION #2 –

Go all in and never look back. We work together for 1 year to begin your mindset shift and create your authentic Lifestyle Wellness Strategic Plan and then Implement. 

I provide ongoing support along with my wellness experts including a board-certified wellness coach, certified fitness professional, nutritional assessment and support with a registered dietician and other resources you need to successfully implement your plan and optimize your long-term wellness investments.



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