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LORIUS Lifestyle, its associates and wellness professionals are not medical doctors, therapists, or counselors. We are NOT providing medical treatment and mental health counseling on our website and in our programs. Our wellness professionals will assist you with appropriate referrals should your situation fall outside their scope of practice. It is your responsibility to always seek medical clearance and advice and discuss all health, nutrition and medical changes with your physician and/or licensed counselor, as appropriate before you implement any changes.


LORIUS Lifestyle is providing education and information on our website and in our programs to assist you with improving your personal wellness and enhancing the wellness culture in your organization. It is up to you to use your own judgment before applying any information to your own life or situation. LORUIS Lifestyle is not responsible for you misapplying the information obtained on our website in your own life and situation.


LORIUS lifestyle’s testimonials are just examples. We do not guarantee specific health outcomes. Your personal and organizational results may vary. Each client situation is different. Clients should not expect to have the exact same results from using our educational materials and participating in our programs.


LORIUS Lifestyle may provide links to others' websites, information, opinions, advice, programs, products, or services. This does not constitute LORIUS Lifestyle’s formal endorsement of such. We are merely sharing helpful resources. It is up to you to use your own judgment before using the information, opinions, advice, programs, products or services from others’ websites.

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