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Strategic Wellness Investing is Not for
Short-Term Thinkers & Those Stuck in the Past.


If you want to be extraordinary, find out what the ordinary do and don't do it. Choose Wellness Nonconformity!


– OPTION #1 –

This is for you if you are ready to snap out of your wellness funk and shift your mindset to one that supports authentic health and wellness.

This 12-week wellness investing experience is powerful for you to begin building your belief of the health and wellness that is possible for you now using strategic wellness investing. 

Here is what you get in


  • A 1-on-1 Kick Off Call: We’ll start with a call for us to meet, review expectations, understand your current health and wellness status, and map out next steps.

  • Hardcover and electronic versions of the WELL-LEADER MINDSET-OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH & WELLNESS ROI book and softcover WLM INVESTMENT GUIDE

  • An insightful WELL-LEADER MINDSET™ AWAKEN - Investment Profile Evaluation: This will be the most eye-opening—and mindset-shifting—experience you’ve ever had. During our profile review, you’ll finally learn why the wellness you desire has been elusive and the old thinking that has been holding you back.

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Virtual Wellness Advising Sessions via Zoom for deep-dive conversations to review your progress completing the strategic wellness activities, overcome limitations, and continue your mindset shift.

  • Voxer Access M-F primarily during business hours to make sure you get all the timely support and advising you need to achieve the authentic wellness you desire.

  • Personalized Nutritional Assessment & Plan using an evidence-based dietary platform.

  • Administrative Support to compile your comprehensive Lifestyle Wellness Strategic Plan.

  • Resilience and Sustainment resource coordination and support to ensure your plan is solid and implementation-ready (board-certified wellness coach, fitness trainer, dietitian, counselor, meal-service, equipment, etc.)

  • Bonus: Monthly ACTIVATE guest speaker video and learning opportunities on a topic most relevant to you to support your plan development and mindset shift.

The Investment in Your Wellness

$6,000 pay in full, or

Three payments of $2,300
(Initial payment & 2 monthly payments)


Shall we ACTIVATE your innate strengths to achieve the health and wellness you envision? Don't find yourself next year wishing you would have started today!

Health is Wealth 2.jpg

– OPTION #2 –

This is for you if you are ready to treat your health as important as your wealth and invest in it as you do your financial retirement.

This 1-year lifestyle transformation puts an end to your wellness cognitive dissonance FOR GOOD. No more regrets, no more putting yourself on hold. You can have it all.


Here is what you get in AUTHENTIC:

  • Everything in ACTIVATE, plus

  • Weekly 1-on-1 sessions with your board-certified wellness coach.

  • Biweekly 1-on-1 sessions with your certified fitness trainer.

  • Monthly 1-on-1 sessions with your registered dietician.

  • Biweekly 1-on-1 Virtual Wellness Advising Sessions with me via Zoom for deep-dive conversations to review your progress, overcome limitations, and continue your mindset shift. (This replaces weekly sessions in ACTIVATE).

  • Monthly Group Sessions with other executives and leaders in AUTHENTIC to share experiences, learn, and inspire each other, and learn from quest experts (quarterly).

  • Administrative support from my team to manage and update your comprehensive Lifestyle Wellness Strategic Plan.

  • WELL-LEADER MINDSET™ ADVOCATE Organizational Plan to start your wellness ripple effect, empower employees, and support a culture of well-being in your organization.


The Investment in Your Wellness

$19,500 pay in full,

Three payments of $7,300
(Initial payment & 2 quarterly payments), or

12 Monthly payments of $1,900


Your AUTHENTIC health and wellness is within your reach. Commit for the long term, experience your health and wellness legacy now, and share your Whealth!


And hey, if you’re ready for incredible wellness, longevity, and potentially disease-free living and you know it with all your heart, but….


You also feel nervous, reluctant, and scared…


I get it. I know Strategic Wellness Advising with me is a significant investment. 


So here’s what I recommend: Reflect and think through these questions…

  • Do you feel in your soul that it is time for you? If not now, when?

  • What would happen if you didn't make the investment in yourself now?

  • What would life be like if you do? How does believing you get to achieve the wellness you desire feel?

  • Do you believe it's time you got support from someone who has been where you are and has achieved authentic wellness? 

  • Are you ready mentally, emotionally, and physically for the mindset and strategy work that is about to come?

  • And do you feel this pull that I’m the Wellness Advisor for you? The one you want in your corner supporting you as you do this?

If you are feeling a full YES to all of these questions, and are ready, excited, and looking forward to learning, growing, and making the most of our time together so you can meet and experience the new healthier version of you, I can't wait to work with you.


I look forward to reading your application!

Well-leader regards,

  --Dr. Lori

P.S. I created my 1-on-1 Wellness Investing experiences for executives and leaders who are serious and ready to take inspired action to achieve the wellness they envision. If you would like to chat with me before applying, send a quick email to Let me know the best way for me to connect with you.

Are you interested in offering my Strategic Wellness Investing Experiences for all executives and leaders in your organization? Learn more.

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