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Working With Dr. Lori & Her Team

What You Can Expect From Us:

We are here to support and facilitate your strategic wellness journey as you create your personal wellness plan and your organizational wellness culture transformation plan. Are you ready to start your journey? 

  • Our programs use only evidence-based materials and neuroscience-based learning and transition/behavior change and habit building techniques.

  • You interact with caring, empathetic, trained and certified Wellness Advisors who promote realistic expectations and help you build the confidence to reach your goals.

  • Wellness Advisors support you and help you personalize your wellness journey and translate your experiences into meaningful life changes that promote wellness and create an environment for you to thrive.

  • Wellness Advisors assist in identifying creative solutions, provide honest and forthright feedback and respond to questions and requests within two business days.

  • Wellness Advisors make appropriate referrals for concerns outside of their scope of practice.

  • Program materials are available 24/7 for participant convenience and optimal engagement.

  • Wellness sessions are virtual or telephonic during regular business hours.

  • Information discussed will be held as confidential, except as required by law.

What We Expect From You to Achieve Program Benefits:

We are all in this together and here to help you re-energize yourself and your wellness culture.  You've got to be all in to make a difference, are you?

  • You must be ready and able to invest the time necessary to make improvements to your own well-being and the overall organization.

  • You must complete all intake assessments and all program components.

  • You will participate wholeheartedly each week and complete all wellness experiences, assessments and applied activities.

  • For the Organizational Program, leaders must attend the program kick- off meeting and scheduled cohort sessions as included in the program design.

  • You will schedule, meet with and be on time for scheduled Wellness Strategy Sessions.

  • You acknowledge you are fully responsible for your own progress through your choices and decisions throughout the program.

  • You will openly and honestly share any personal information related to your wellness and progress.

  • You understand that you need to ask your Wellness Advisor for any additional resources, support and feedback you need to be successful.

  • You recognize that wellness sessions are not a substitute for counseling.

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