LivingWell-LeadingWell Programs

Our LivingWell-LeadingWell Programs assist leaders and organizations committed to personal wellness and creating a wellness culture in their organizations re-energize their ineffective wellness programs and feel confident their wellness programs are making the greatest impact.

The LivingWell-LeadingWell Programs empower leaders to walk the wellness talk and engage and motivate employees to take control of their own well-being and transform into their best possible selves.



LivingWell-LeadingWell Individual Leader 

Are you a leader interested in beginning your own wellness transformation and empowering your team members to begin their wellness journeys?​

Join our LivingWell-LeadingWell Individual Leader Program and engage with a community of wellness leaders community who are making a difference.

LivingWell-LeadingWell Workplace

Are you interested in enhancing your organization's  current wellness program, increasing active participation in wellness activities and truly making a difference in the wellness of your employees?

Our LivingWell-LeadingWell Corporate Program is what you need to start a wellness movement in your organization and ignite the leadership support necessary to make wellness work again in your organization.

LivingWell-LeadingWell Wellness Partner

Are you interested in enhancing the services you offer to your wellness clients?

Add our LivingWell-LeadingWell Programs to your current client wellness offerings to support and re-engage their employees in their wellness journeys.

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