Strategic Lifestyle Wellness Programs

Our evidence-based LivingWell-LeadingWell  Programs assist leaders committed to personal wellness, and who are striving to create a wellness culture in their organizations, re-energize their own health and wellness and feel confident their workplace wellness programs are making the greatest impact.

Our programs empower leaders to walk the wellness talk and engage and motivate employees to take control of their own well-being and transform into their best possible selves.



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LivingWell-LeadingWell For Individual Leaders 

Are you a leader interested in beginning your own wellness transformation and empowering your team members to begin their wellness journeys?​

Commit to one of our LivingWell-LeadingWell Individual Leader Programs and engage with a community of wellness leaders who are making a difference.


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LivingWell-LeadingWell For Organizations

Are you interested in enhancing your organization's  current wellness program, increasing active participation in wellness activities and truly making a difference in the wellness of your employees?

Our LivingWell-LeadingWell Organizational Programs are what you need to start a wellness movement in your organization and ignite the leadership support necessary to make wellness work again in your organization. Bring lifestyle medicine to your workplace.

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LivingWell-LeadingWell For Wellness Partners

Are you interested in enhancing the services you offer to your wellness clients?

Add our evidence-based LivingWell-LeadingWell Programs to your current client wellness offerings to support and re-engage their employees in their wellness journeys.