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"I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT HEALTH AND WELLNESS. I live it every day at home and at work. Wellness is simply a part of my life no matter where I am and what I do.

I had to change my own perspective to begin my transformation toward achieving my best possible self. It is no longer about achieving a balance between work and life. For me, and most working people, life is as busy as or even busier than work.


To achieve greater well-being, I had to accept this and change my focus on achieving Life-Wellness – Work-Wellness Balance by integrating a wellness perspective into my work day and home activities. Achieving greater well-being can’t feel like a burden or an attempt to squeeze more activities into your already busy work and home schedules. My wellness programs can help you achieve that balance and be your best possible self at home and at work."

Lori Lindbergh, PhD, RN, DipACLM, NBC-HWC
I/O Psychologist & Wellness Professional
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Lori is a creative and innovative Industrial/Organizational Psychologist & Board Certified Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Professional committed to motivating and supporting successful health and lifestyle transitions for individual leaders and their organizations.


Lori is a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach specializing in organizational wellness culture transition and leadership wellness coaching aligned with a whole food, plant-based lifestyle and the practices promoted by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM).

Her client-focused, wellness consulting and coaching approach integrates assessments, evidence-based practices and coaching standards into her individual leader and workplace wellness programs to promote health behavior change, healthy habit formation and sustained energy and motivation at home and at work.

Lori holds a PhD in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, a Master's degree in Business Administration and started her career as a Registered Nurse. She has held leadership positions in healthcare, consulting and learning development, and has coached executives and leaders at all levels in the organization. 

Lori has achieved her Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification and has worked extensively with project teams. She understands team dynamics and how team well-being is critical to project success and peak performance.

Lori's doctoral dissertation focused on how conditions in an organization's culture enhance or detract from employee performance and work outcomes, which serves as the foundation for her proprietary Lifestyle Wellness Practices Maturity Model. 

Contact Lori to find out how LORIUS Lifestyle can help you make lifestyle changes to feel better and prevent and reverse chronic diseases. Learn how to inspire your team and re-energize your workplace with Lifestyle Medicine practices.