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The One Reason Leaders Struggle With Their Health & Wellness

Leaders, did you know your decisive, action-oriented perspective may be getting in the way of you achieving and sustaining your desired health and wellness? Jumping full speed into a get-fit-quick health and fitness program is NOT always the answer. Instead, patience and less action may be the key!

If you’ve been struggling, maybe, it’s because you took quick action; you did what you thought you were supposed to do because your health care provider said so.


Or, you jumped full speed into a one-dimensional, quick fix-program because of a

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reductionist promise, such as melting fat away, exercising for spot reduction, using supplements, or trying a food item-centered diet. You had great intentions and were motivated to adopt healthy habits to lose weight or win a fitness challenge, but you didn’t experience the changes that were promised or what you expected. Quick rarely sticks in the long term and often, the only reductions you see are in your confidence and your bank account. What is the one thing you can do about it?

  1. Take time for psychological transition BEFORE you take action. After any change is made, your brain needs time to catch up to make that psychological transition, unless you plan to take time first. Transition gives you time to think through the uncertainty of the situation and helps you understand the true reasons driving the changes to your health and wellness you desire.

Transition provides time for you to weight the impacts of your actions BEFORE you make the change. It requires patience, something many of us struggle with when it comes to our wellness. As leaders, once we decide on something, we expect immediate action. You must first change your perspective. It is important to view transition time and activities as a way to get your mind right and prepare the foundation to make your subsequent actions more effective and sustainable. Taking time to transition, however long it takes, is the first step on your journey toward your best self. This gives you the best possible chance to live a life in which you feel younger, healthier, and more vibrant. Think about it for a few minutes. What does transition look like to you?

The process of developing a Lifestyle Wellness Strategic Plan includes the time and activities for you to make an effective psychological transition FIRST and then begin your JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME to be your best possible self. Find out what happens to your mindset when you transition first and act second. Where do you want your Lifestyle Wellness Strategy to take you?

We are here to help. Our evidence-based LivingWell-LeadingWell® Programs help you create the personal wellness and wellness culture you desire. Schedule a discussion to find out how we can support you Today!

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One Reason Leaders Are Struggling With Their Health & Wellness

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