4 Reasons Why Leaders Need to Walk the Wellness Talk

Do your people cringe when they hear the word wellness? It’s most likely because you do to. Who has time for wellness at work anyway?

Organizations demonstrating a true wellness culture integrate activities that promote well-being into  all areas of the daily workflow. Wellness is not viewed as something extra added on to everyone’s already busy day. 


Wellness is a way to improve productivity, increase awareness and focus, and more importantly, laugh and have fun at work.

Effective wellness cultures do not happen on their own. Simply implementing a wellness program and requiring compliance leads to another “check-the-box” wellness program that does not work. Compliance may create high participation, but low engagement. To engage your people in wellness, leaders must actively engage in their own wellness journeys and walk the wellness talk. The “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” mentality will no longer work. Why does walking-the-talk work?

  1. Role modeling is one of the most effective ways to change behavior. Behaving in healthful ways serves to establish healthy norms. Your people are watching. They are more likely to think about and exhibit healthful behaviors if you do.

  2. For transition to happen, people need to know the purpose and visualize the picture. Establishing your wellness culture plan brings wellness to life and encourages your people to engage in their own wellness journeys.

  3. Group conformity builds confidence and self-efficacy. People tend to change their behaviors and perceptions based on what the group is doing. Integrating wellness into the day-to-day workflow establishes new positive group norms and habits: Practicing wellness is expected, and it is okay!

  4. Confidence in your own wellness journey enhances your coaching. Discussing wellness and the impact on someone’s performance brings a new perspective to your coaching conversations. When you’ve traveled the same journey, you can relate to the challenges your people face. Encouraging and supporting wellness is the right thing to do.

What wellness culture do you want to create and sustain in your department and organization? Remember, wellness starts at the top. Are you confident your wellness program is making the greatest impact? Transform your culture into one that empowers your people to achieve their best possible selves. 

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4 Reasons Why Leaders Need to Walk the Wellness Talk

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